“Victory Circle”

Whispering pines.  Gold-glazed sunsets ripening into dusk.  Blue wood smoke curling into crisp mountain air.  Someone strums a guitar.  Some else picks up the tune, joins in.  Then another.  And another.  Swelled by a lavender breeze, the chorus rises into the night sky and echoes off the surrounding hills, a testament to God’s grace at Victory Circle.


A staple of many Christian camping programs, “Victory Circle” is often an outdoor amphitheatre where the Cross of Christ is prominent.  As camp winds down on Friday night, campers and staff file in to the amphitheatre.  A fire is lit in the fire pit.  Prayer and praise follow.  Hearts open.  Lives are changed.  Stories shared.  No scripts.  No choreography.  No “show.”   Just God at work.

The evening rims with rich memories as one person after another testifies to the life-changing power of Jesus Christ over Satan, sin, and death and how The Victorious One has touched and transformed their lives, redeemed them for His glory.  Some of the most poignant testimonies we’ve ever heard have taken place at Victory Circles.


Being without end, a circle is often used as a symbol of the divine.  Concentric circles share a common center, such as the circles on a bull’s eye or the ripples that overlap each other when a pebble is tossed into a pond.

We chose “Victory Circle” for this blog because the concept reflects our dual goals: 1) Sharing stories, tips, testimonies, and strategies focused on victorious Christian living, specifically as its relates to ministry to children and 2) Commonality in ministry that incorporates children as part of a “concentric circles”  ministry paradigm which views  children as a crucial, vital demographic rather than as an afterthought, accessory, or luxury.

Stay tuned for more from George Barna and others regarding the value and importance of ministry to children…


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