Are We Missing the Ocean?

“After all,” writes Barna in Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions: Why Children Should Be Your Church’s #1 Priority, “aren’t adults the ones who call the shots in the world and determine the nature of our current and future reality?  If the family is central to a healthy society and a strong Church, shouldn’t we invest our resources predominantly in the adults who lead those units? … Strategically, isn’t it more important for us to equip adults so that they can use their gifts and resources to advance the Kingdom?”   (Emphasis in original).

“No, no, no and no!” Barna responds.

In retrospect, my view was so far off the mark that I didn’t just miss the boat – I missed the entire ocean!”

Are you or someone you know “missing the ocean”?

We have some special Christmas-themed posts coming up!

Stay tuned for more  questions to get us rolling after Christmas. 

Also in the works: an expanded Toolbox packed with tips and practical hands-on resources to get you off to a “rip-roarin’, right-on” start in Children’s Ministries.

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