The “Great Myth of Modern Ministry”

Says ministry development trainer, conference speaker and author of the book Igniting the Power to Succeed, Tyrone Roderick Williams in Ministry Today:

“People want to be part of something that has significant impact, and few things top the call of raising tomorrow’s leaders. The trickle-down effect of this is a leadership that doesn’t just talk about supporting children’s ministry, but instead backs up their words with action.”


Is ministry to children “something that has significant impact”?  Looking at this key question, researcher George Barna re-examined his assumptions -rethinking “the foundations of church-based activity and how to revolutionize faith in America.”  Out of much prayer and research Barna has “redrawn ministry priorities and perceptions.”  He notes how he’d

been seduced into believing the great myth of modern ministry: Adults are where the Kingdom action is”

and urges not only a “reprioritizing” of ministry to children, but ranking ministry to children “at the top of the priority list.” 

Barna’s research confirms what many of us who work with children have known for years: KIDS are “where the Kingdom action is!”

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