Rethinking Assumptions

Redirecting Resources

Barna’s hope for the future is that church leadership will recognize that in order to have the greatest possible impact in ministry, churches’ resources must be redirected into ministry to “young people.”  His book focuses on “understanding and affecting the lives of children in the heart of the youth cohort” – children ages 5 – 12 – because during these formative years, individuals solidify their lifetsyle habits, values, beliefs, and attitudes.

Solid research.  Cogent facts.  Helpful tools.  A great read.  Approach with an open mind.  Are you willing to lay aside the “great myth of modern ministry“?  Can you see what Pastor Bill Hybels does?

With surgical precision, George Barna has cut through the veil of denial that most church leaders have lived in for far too long—the belief that we are doing enough in our churches to transform the average kid in our congregations into a spiritual champion. Painfully few churches have paid the price to break out of decades of status-quo ministry to children. Those that do break out soon discover a kind of anointing from God that suggests He might just favor churches that focus on and build up little ones.”  (Emphasis added.)

Questions: Do you want to see a special kind of anointing from God on your church?  Does  your church focus on and build up “little ones”?

Barna, George. Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions: Why Children Should Be Your Church’s #1 Priority. Ventura, California. Regal Books, 2003


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