Where Is Our Mission Field?

Recent research shows that:

1. “The probability of accepting Christ is highest amongst kids under age 14.  32% accepted Christ between ages 5 and 13; 4% accepted Christ between 14 and 18; 6% accepted Christ after age 19. This challenges the belief that the teenage years are the prime years for evangelistic activity, and lets us know where our mission field is!”

2.  “Adults who regularly attended church as children are much more likely than their unchurched peers to be involved in church-based and personal spiritual activities.  71% of American adults had a period of time in their childhood when they regularly attended a Christian church.”

Churches and other ministries need to understand and appreciate the fact that the biggest window of opportunity in reaching people for Christ is during the pre-teen years, says the Barna group in Evangelism is Most Effective Among Kids. In fact, nearly half of all born-again American Christians make a decision for Christ befgore age 13.  Nearly two-thirds receive Christ as Savior before age 18.

And so…. is ministry to children a place to scrimp and scrape, or go full-throttle, pedal-to-the-medal?


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