Questions to ask when assessing the value your church places on ministry to children

A few questions to consider when assessing the value your church may place on ministry to children:

– Is your church pouring resources into adults while ministry to children gets “leftovers” and “table scraps”?

– If your church has the means to hire and pay staff beyond the pastor, has it hired a youth pastor and a children’s pastor, even part-time?

– Does your church rely wholly on volunteers to carry out ministry to children?  If staff isn’t paid, do they receive adequate support, visibility, communication, and respect?

– Are children’s ministries adequately funded in relation to the rest of the church budget?

– Is care taken to ensure a consistently high quality in children’s curricula, teachers, helpers and programs?  Or are C.M. workers expected to scrape by on poorly coordinated patchworks of recycled, outdated and marginally relevant material because it’s cheap?

– Are the “best and the brightest” actively recruited for children’s ministries, or are they siphoned off elsewhere?

– Are those in charge of children’s and youth ministries included in church leadership?  Is their expertise  sought out, included?  Is their input valued?

– Are youth/children’s leaders part of the discussion and decision-making process related to church business and overall ministry?  Are they included in decisions related to planning, vision, and strategizing?

– Does your church host – or plan to host – special events for children on a regular basis?  (Note: These are NOT “all-church” events where children are “highlighted.”  These are events strategically planned, designed and implemented specifically for children.  Kids  get top billing and attention.)

Be frank when considering responses to the above.  What your church says is important vs. what it does can be key.   If you answered “Yes” to question one or “No” to two or more of the above, it may be time for a little “friendly persuasion.”  If no one’s listening or responding, it may be time to move on.

Here are some additional Tips and Tools:

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Join us next time for more.


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