A Special Place: Ministry to Children

“I am convinced that there is no work that is more pertinent or effective. …  than evangelizing, discipling and establishing children in Bible-believing churches so they can mature in their faith”

– Reese R. Kauffman, President, Child Evangelism Fellowship

Ministry to children is:

–         Crucial, not optional.  Children represent one of the world’s largest people groups.  Resources and priorities should reflect the challenges of reaching and teaching this vital demographic and whole-heartedly embrace the challenge of raising a new generation of spiritual champions.

–         Has tremendous potential, reaps enormous dividends and represents a crucial mission field.

–         Should be energetically, enthusiastically and unreservedly rendered within the local church as well as para-church agencies and entities.  Ministry to children should be where “the Best and the Brightest” invest.

God bless those who further God’s kingdom by teaching, reaching, praying for, loving and ministering to kids!  You are among the most dedicated, most tireless and most effective ministers on the planet!  The work you do is crucial and essential.  Few things are more important or significant than raising tomorrow’s leaders!  Kudos to all you do for “the least of these.”

Victory Circle affirms the vital work you do.  We also affirm the following related to children’s ministry (there’s LOTS more, but these are for starters):


Ministry to children should be one of the top priorities in church and para-church ministry.

“Ministry will always be a difficult and a sacrificial journey, but placing children in a more appropriate place in the landscape makes the journey more comprehensive and hopeful.”

– George Barna

The Word of God puts a high priority on children.catkids2 They are near to God’s heart and we believe that He is uniquely concerned about their spiritual welfare. Without the foundation of a relationship with God and training in Biblical principles for life they are unequipped to face what life will throw at them.

Reese Kauffman, CEF President


Significant resources should be devoted to evangelizing and ministering to children.

“The most effective evangelism you can do is to children. Churches who want to have the highest success rate of winning people to Christ should focus on children.”

– George Barna

“Thirty percent of baptisms are related to vacation Bible school. It’s the biggest opportunity for evangelism in churches. Children’s ministry is how you build the church.”

Wendy Dever, Preschool/Children’s Associate, Kentucky Baptist Convention

“… peer evangelism among young children – one kid leading another kid to the foot of the cross for a life-changing encounter with Jesus – is one of the most prolific and effective means of evangelism in the nation.”

– George Barna

“Children in our church represent the greatest opportunity to win souls for Christ.” – Doug Alcrorn, Cincinnati, OH


Children and those who work with them should be valued and respected.  Ministry to children should be seen as crucial and strategic, not as a ministry “add-on,” sideline, highlight or peripheral.

“The church has to demonstrate that children’s ministry is the most important ministry for growth. In order for churches to grow, they must invest in children’s programs.”

–          Allen Bishop, Minister to Children, Severns Valley Baptist Church

A Special Place

A fews ?s to ponder: If ministry to children isn’t priority #1, what is?  If children aren’t a top priority, then where are they?  What are kids behind or below?  What’s more important or crucial than raising and training tomorrow’s spiritual champions?  What did Jesus have to say about kids and ministry to children?

Victory Circle affirms that ministry priorities should reflect the special place children occupy close to the heart of God.  This includes priority in funding, staffing, resource allocation, attention, facilities, energy, visibility, planning, training, equipping and leading.

“May boys and girls be attracted to the Lord Jesus Christ in us. May we never be found to be cold, dull, lifeless, and boring. May we be passionate about that which God is passionate. Let us evangelize children for the glory of God. May we present God in all His glory in Christ, may we amplify the sinfulness and lost condition of man, and may our goal for children be true biblical conversion so that the church of tomorrow is filled with people that love and follow God.”

– Bob Roberts, Kids 4 Truth International


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