How to Find a Primo VBS Director

How do I find a primo director for Vacation Bible School?

VBS Directors are responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of a major summer church event.  It’s not a role for the faint-hearted or flakey.  A wise choice can turn a “good” VBS into a great one.  A hasty or unfortunate choice can… well.  You know where we’re going.  So, when recruiting a “choice” VBS Director, where does a Children’s Pastor/Director start?  Here are some suggestions:

–          Pray! Don’t just talk about or suggest praying.  Do it! Seriously.  Substantively.  Ask God for guidance.  Involve your staff, committee, or Children’s Ministries team.  We know one Children’s Pastor who sets aside one day a month (sometimes more) to fast and pray specifically for VBS and VBS leadership.  Do you?

–          Talk to the folks. Seek recommendations. Keep an ear to the ground and both eyes open.  Conduct informal, conversational interviews.  Many a good candidate may feel overwhelmed or “unqualified” when initially approached.  Their fears will subside if you can assure them of adequate support and guidance (and deliver).  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the proposed program and have materials available so you can field any questions or address concerns.

–          Evaluate current volunteers. Do they love sharing Jesus with kids?  Are they responsible and reliable?  Willing and available?  Who’s asked about or expressed an interest in VBS?  Who has good communication skills, strong organizational abilities and leadership potential?  Who enjoys hanging out with the kids?  To whom do the kids respond positively?

–          In our opinion, the chief qualification for selecting a primo VBS director is a genuine passion for kids and a heart for working with and ministering to children in Jesus’ name.

A High and Holy Calling

A primo VBS Director may not be the candidate with the most degrees, credentials, professional expertise or longest resume.  This is the person who walks into a classroom with an ear-to-ear smile, who’s energized by and effervescent about working with and ministering to kids!  He or she lights up like a Christmas tree when asked to help out with the rowdy fifth grade boys class (yes, there are a few!).  This is the mom, dad, grandparent, teacher, coach or team member who feels that working with kids represents a high and holy calling.  He or she sees ministry to children as the most awesome responsibility, the greatest challenge and the highest privilege on the planet.

With adequate support and coaching, any motivated mom or dad can take on this job and soar!  Nab that person as your VBS director quick, before someone else does!


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