What “Ministry to Children” ISN’T

Ministry to children IS NOT:

  • Free babysitting
  • Cheap entertainment
  • Parking kids in front of a Veggie Tales re-run
  • Passive
  • Mindless
  • Entered into lightly or unadvisedly
  • Haphazard, incongruous or slipshod
  • A ministry “add-on”
  • Optional, inconsequential or insignificant

Ministry to children should always be dependent upon divine direction and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  It should be God-focused, grounded in Scripture, and undergirded in prayer.  (We should remain mindful of the fact that effective ministry of any sort will be opposed by the Enemy and will need to be fought for.)  Ministry to children should involve parents and include an intentional scope and sequence focusing on and cultivating spiritual formation and transformation such that this generation is able to effectively pass on a vibrant, compelling faith to the next.  It should be marked by:

–     Passion

–     Vision

–     Boldness

–     Excellence

–     “Living, creative, active and powerful”

Ministry to children should be the church’s top priority.[1] It should be central to the overall outreach plans of the local church[2] It is the single most strategic ministry in God’s kingdom.[3]

Join us next time for our version of what “ministry to children” means.

[1] Bishop, Allen, Children’s Minister, Severens Valley Baptist Church.

[2] Children’s Ministry is Not Child’s Play, Kentucky Baptist Convention, http://www.kybaptist.org/kbc/welcome.nsf/pages/pceffmin

[3] Barna, George, Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions.


2 responses to “What “Ministry to Children” ISN’T

  1. Ministry to Children Is Not:

    For the uncommitted. Nothing is worse than having a different face in front of young children week after week. You need that steadiness that the familiar face gives them. Don’t they deserve someone who is willing to give of their time and talents?

    We have tried leading by rotation and basically we led no one including our leaders.

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