“Slow Down”

We’re busy.  If you’re in ministry, chances are your calendar is crammed and you’re neck-deep in dates, events, programs, people and places.  In fact, you’re probably skimming this blog post at warp speed, trying to snatch a quick read in between meetings, committees, or another lunch appointment.


Burnout is not a spiritual gift.  But it regularly dogs the steps of those dedicated to ministry and God’s calling.  If you’re reading this, you know what we mean.

Slow down.

Watch a sunset.  Walk on the beach.  Toss a baseball with your kids.  Smell a rose.  Pet a puppy.  Visit the library.  Ask for help.  Read a Psalm.  Make a new friend.  Go fishing.  Share dinner.  Grab a bike ride.  Eat an ice cream cone.  Hike in the hinterlands.  Take a long soak in a hot tub.  Listen to a Puccini aria.  Laugh out loud.  Sleep in without the guilt.  Talk to God.  Listen.

Slowing down and taking care of yourself spiritually and physically is one of the best ways to avoid ministry burnout.

This may sound like “Duh,” but we’ve found that unless we’re very, very intentional about scheduling rest and “down time” into our crammed-to-the-gills ministry lives, it doesn’t happen.  And far too often, it results in burnout.  So when we say, “slow down,” we’re not just making noise.  It’s what Jesus did.  Shouldn’t you?


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