Acknowledging that all ministry matters, Victory Circle affirms that ministry to children:

1)     Should be the church’s top priority.[1]

2)     Should be central to overall outreach plans[2]

3)     Is the single most strategic ministry in God’s kingdom.[3]

In an era of budget cutbacks and belt-tightening and adult-focused programming, it’s easy to write off ministry to children as a “frill” or peripheral.  Inconsequential.  Nice, but not really crucial


We concur with George Barna’s bold statement in Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions: Why Children Should Be Your Church’s #1 Priority:

“Ministry to children is THE single most strategic ministry in God’s kingdom.”

That’s why we launched Victory Circle, “where ‘little victories’ – kids – matter.”  Geared primarily toward providing essential tools, vision and an apologetic approach regarding the vital importance of  raising and equipping tomorrow’s leaders as well as supporting and affirming those who work with them, Victory Circle is dedicated to the proposition that ministry to children matters.  MOST.

Victory Circle further affirms that in order to achieve long-term success and efficacy, Christian ministry must work in concentric, interlocking circles sharing the same center – the Cross of Christ.  Church and para-church ministries must pay special attention to the fact that children occupy a special place within these “concentric circles” of ministry as well as a unique place and priority in God’s heart, and that all ministry endeavors, activities, resource allocation, staffing, funding, institutional priorities, programs, and other choices should reflect this priority.

God bless those who further God’s kingdom by teaching, reaching, praying for, loving, guiding, supporting,  equipping, engaging and ministering to kids!  You are among the most dedicated, most tireless and most effective ministers on the planet! The work you do is crucial and essential. Few things are more important or significant than raising tomorrow’s leaders!  Kudos to you and thank you for all you do for “little” victories!  They matter.  MOST.

[1] Bishop, Allen, Children’s Minister, Severens Valley Baptist Church.

[2] Children’s Ministry is Not Child’s Play, Kentucky Baptist Convention, http://www.kybaptist.org/kbc/welcome.nsf/pages/pceffmin

[3] Barna, George, Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions.


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