With over 70 years of combined ministry experience as well as degrees in Biblical Studies & Theology, Communication, and a Juris Doctor degree, Chris and Kristine Lowder are passionate about ministering to kids!

It’s been our privilege to work with children and youth in a wide range of settings including both church and para-church contexts.  We’ve served as Children’s Ministries Directors, chaired children’s ministry committees, and held key roles in AWANA and Vacation Bible School as well as MOPS, Christian camp counselors, Moms in Touch International (MITI), children’s church and Sunday school teachers, boys chaplain, youth pastor, child evangelism and discipleship and 15+ years of home-based education with their four sons.  Ministry experience also includes strategic planning, special event coordination, child safety and security, curriculum oversight and leadership development.  We currently serve on the Executive Committee of the local chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Additionally, Chris has worked as  Field Naturalist and Traveling Scientist for the Inside the Outdoors program of the O.C. Department of Education, teaching and interacting with grades pre-K through 12.  He also worked as a Summer Day Camp Director and substitute-taught for three public school districts and several private Christian schools, grades three through eight.  He is a former Marine Corps officer and a member of the California Bar Association.

A professional writer for nearly thirty years, Kristine is a contributing author to numerous devotional sites, ezines and group blogs focusing on biblical womanhood.   She has authored eleven books and has worked in public relations and marketing, strategic planning and market analysis, and as a reporter, staff writer, and feature editor.


In an era of budget cutbacks, belt-tightening and adult-focused programming, it’s easy to write off ministry to children as a “frill” or peripheral.  Inconsequential.  Nice, but not really crucialNot!

We concur with George Barna’s bold statement in Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions: Why Children Should Be Your Church’s #1 Priority:

“Ministry to children is THE single most strategic ministry in God’s kingdom.”

That’s why we launched Victory Circle, “where ‘little victories’ – kids – matter.”  Geared primarily toward providing essential tools, vision and an apologetic approach regarding the vital importance of  raising and equipping tomorrow’s leaders as well as supporting and affirming those who work with them, Victory Circle is dedicated to the proposition that ministry to children matters.  MOST.

Thanks for joining us.  Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to keep up with the latest posts.  Hope to see you again soon, and God bless.


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